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Client Frequently Asked Questions


Q:       1. My Instantel Seismograph is due for it’s annual calibration.  What should I do?


A:       As an Instantel Authorized Distributor, PreSeis, Inc., (1.888.627.9221), is equipped to prepare and facilitate the shipment of your seismograph to Instantel for the calibration service, while there, Instantel technicians will inspect and test basic functions of the seismograph unit to insure the unit’s long term usage.  If any required or optional repairs are necessary, a quotation of costs, including parts, labor and shipping will be prepared and sent to the Client for their approval prior to any service work performed on the equipment.


            Once the unit has been calibrated and / repaired it is shipped back to PreSeis, Inc, where a final invoice is prepared.  Terms for this service are net thirty (30) days. 


Q:       2. I own an Instantel Blastmate II, where can I buy printing pens for this seismograph?


A:       Although Instantel no longer stocks the printer pens used for the Blastmate Series II seismograph, PreSeis, Inc. has a supplier for these pens.  Call our offices at 1.888.627.9221 and we will be glad to assist you with all your Instantel supply needs.



Q:       3. Do you carry other Instantel supplies?


A:      Readily available Instantel items would include plotter pens and paper, and most equipment items can be shipped by the next business day.  Please contact us, so that we may assist you in these matters, 1.888.627.9221



Q:       4. I was contacted by your company regarding a Yankee Gas Call Before You Dig Number.  Why?


A:      PreSeis, Inc. is contracted by Yankee Gas Services, Inc. (Connecticut), to provide vibration consulting services for blasting activities in proximity to Yankee Gas transmission line facilities. 


The general process is as follows: Yankee Gas receives a Call Before You Dig notice (CBYD), marks out notification where rock blasting is or may be an element to the construction process, the local area Yankee Gas manager or representative will then notify PreSeis, Inc.


General information regarding the nature of the construction project along with localized Yankee Gas system maps are forwarded to PreSeis.  Once contacted PreSeis contacts the listed blasting firm for the project.  At that time, PreSeis will request general information regarding the nature and procedure of the blast plan.


Information provided by the blasting firm is then combined with the information provided by Yankee Gas and an evaluation of the potential impact to the Yankee Gas facilities is determined using industry standards for underground transmission pipelines.


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