Home Owner Frequently Asked Questions


Q:        1. What is a Pre-Blast/Pre-Construction Survey and why is it being offered to me?


A:        A Pre-Blast/Pre-Construction Survey is a structure survey that is offered to property owners generally located within the zone of influence of a nearby blasting and/or construction vibration related project. The purpose of the survey is to establish a baseline record and/or documentation of visible pre-existing structure conditions prior to the commencement of blasting and/or construction operations. The survey is generally offered as part of the projects scope of work or per local and/or state regulatory requirement.


Q:       2. What does the survey documentation involve?


A:       The survey is performed by a trained qualified technician and consists of an interior and exterior visual walk-thru of the subject property. Typically, the survey is performed on a room by room, floor by floor basis to observe and document pre-existing interior and exterior structure conditions including areas such as walls, ceilings, floors, windows, foundation, roof, driveway, common areas, and improvements, etc. The survey format typically consists of either digital photography and/or videography accompanied by audio narration and/or reporting techniques to document any such conditions.


Q:       3. Why should I agree to the survey?


A:       The survey is offered to designated property owners at no-cost and is typically provided by the contractor as a courtesy to the property owner, allowing for an independent documentation and/or recording of pre-existing structure conditions prior to the commencement of localized blasting and/or construction activities. In the unfortunate event of a damage complaint and/or project related discrepancy, the results of the survey are often utilized for the purpose of investigating and resolving any such complaint.   


Q:      4. Since a survey is being offered to me, should I expect damage to my property?


A:      No! The survey is offered as a pre-cautionary measure and for the purposes of establishing a baseline record of pre-existing structure conditions prior to the commencement of vibration related construction activities often associated to a given project.


Q:       5. Will you be taking pictures of my valuables?


A:       No, the survey does not focus on personal items of value. The survey is performed with emphasis on documenting any such pre-existing structure deficiencies such as cracking, separations, water damages, broken windows, etc.    


Q:       6. What if I refuse the survey?


A:     In the unfortunate event of a damage related complaint, the survey may be of significant benefit for both the property owner and contractor for investigational purposes and for resolving such discrepancies. For our record keeping requirements, a communication journal is established by PreSeis, Inc. during the survey assignment and scheduling process. In the unusual event of a survey refusal, all records and documentation of the refusal are retained on file at our offices and provided to the contractor, permitting agency, and local and/or state regulatory officials.     

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