Technical Service Capabilities

In addition to the previously addressed service specialties, PreSeis, Inc, provides additional technical services.  These include:


        Remote Monitoring Services – Whereby one or several seismographic units are placed  onsite at key locations surrounding the site to obtain an accurate portrayal of the vibration levels being produced by the construction operations.  Data from the units is collected on a regular schedule either by direct download of the equipment or downloaded via a cellular or hard-line modem communication package.  Additionally the units can be equipped with an alarm visual and/or an audible notification signal at preset trigger levels.


        Seismograph Training Programs – Where equipment functionality, proper installation techniques, data interpretation, software support, event archiving capabilities, etc are provided to clients in order that they can make the best use of their seismograph units.


      Water Analysis – Professionally collecting water samples for their analysis.  Unless otherwise required by specification, PreSeis, contracts with several water testing facilities to provide standardized portability tests to each acquired sample.  All labs are State Certified within their given State.  Generally this service is performed in conjunction with our Preblast/Preconstruction  Documentation Services.


        Crack Gauge Monitoring – Experienced PreSeis, Inc. personnel will install, maintain, collect data and report on the results of the implementation of crack gauges.  It is our recommendation that these gauges be used only under specific conditions, as many other factors then localized transient ground vibration could cause  the gauge to displace and may be incorrectly correlated to a local  vibration source.


        Noise Testing and Sound Studies – PreSeis, Inc. will provide equipment and experienced personnel to first establish an effective sound study, accurately record and collate all proper field data, and at the end of the project or as required by specification, provide a comprehensive technical report explaining each measured parameter and its results.  Further analysis may include in-depth conceptual data which is related in everyday terms.


        Expert Witness Testimony / Town Meetings / Public Relations 

PreSeis, Inc. has Senior level personnel that have attended over 100 public forums, where they have been asked to provide general or specific technical knowledge in the fields of Blast vibrations, General construction vibration, Sound and Noise Issues, and Claim related testimony.

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